Horses, Ponies, and Donkeys

Popcorn is white, most of the time anyway. He loves to roll in the dirt and soak up the sun. He is about 23 years old. He is very gentle and is used at times to carry grooms to the wedding. Justin is brown and is the most trustworthy, sweet horse I have ever met. He just wants to be around people all the time. Rumor is that he used to belong to the Pastor that leads the Cowboy church in Dover. He is also about 23 years old. Whiskey is the newest addition to our horse family. He is an old timer, but he still has a lot of spirit left in him. He is the most noble horse I know, and makes for a great ride!

Chickapee is my little, colorful pony. He gives great pony rides and is very patient. Right now he is a fluffball until his winter coat falls out. Muffin is every little kids dream. He is a black, miniature horse (not a pony) He is very tiny. Only the smallest children can ride him, but he will let the kids all over him, and will follow them everywhere, especially if they have a treat.

Bethany is the mommy donkey and Chilly is her baby. He was born on the farm. We named him Chilly because he was born on the coldest night of the year. He just turned one year old and is quite the character. He makes me laugh almost every day. Bethany is shy sometimes but if you have food, she will be right over. Their favorite thing in the world is a butt-scratch so if they turn their butt to you, don’t worry, they don’t kick. They just want a good butt scratch.