Dogs and Cats

Tristan is an 8 year old, golden retriever, goofball. He loves to play nonstop. He is a perfect match for older children and will play for hours. He loves to be brushed and loved on. He will climb all 70 lbs into your lap if you let him. Speeder is also about 8 years old. He is an Italian Greyhound. We adopted him when he was found lost on the road with no ID. He runs like the wind. His favorite thing is to be held in your arms. He would be happy if he was carried around all day long. He is a snuggler and if you sit down he will snuggle into your lap.

Buttercup and Zoey are about 2 years old. They were both strays that my son, Tony, adopted. They are purring machines and will rub their faces all over your face if you pick them up. They are indoor cats although every once in a while they make a run for it and escape to the wild outside.